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Walk in Door gasket repair with PRC Repair
- 1/2" Crown Stapler
- Flathead Screwdriver
- Contact Cement
- Industrial Shears
- Drill and #2 Phillips Bit
- Any PVC Cement
- Pacific Magnet Tape & Door Gasket
Door Gasket Replacement
When it comes to walk in door gasket replacement the solution is simple. You can order the gasket you need and we will ship it to you so you can install the gasket. Or you can have one of our expert repair technicians come to your site and measure, identify and install the proper gasket for your walk in.

Knowing when you "possibly" need a door gasket replacement is straight forward. Move inside the walk in where you suspect a faulty door gasket, turn out the lights and if the light from outside the walk in is visible you may need a new door gasket. Although it is the most likely repair you will want to check a couple of things before buying your new gasket. First, check to see if the door is dragging at any point during its arc. If it does check the door sweep isn't coming loose and is secure. Then inspect your hinges...do they look tight? Get the proper screw driver and see if they are loose. If so tighten them up and recheck for light coming through your closed walk in door. No light, no problem. One last thing to check is the door handle. If it feels tight and seems to be working properly it's time to order your gasket. If you prefer, PRC Repair can check all the above items for you and if called for install the door gasket.

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