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Walk In Freezer Door Heater Replacement
Have you noticed icing around the door frame and wondered why? Have you been scraping ice off the walls and floor each morning before you can even enter the walk in? These are obvious symptoms of a door heater malfunction and the sooner it’s fixed the better. Worker safety may be in jeopardy and further walk in damage can occur if ignored. If icing has been a problem over an extended time you might want to call a professional to assess the extent of the damage. If it’s a new problem and you feel comfortable dismantling and replacing the door frames and the sill plate you can order the part from PRC Repair. If you need a professional walk in repair technician give us a call.

Repair Tip
You can locate the wire path by starting at the junction box that connects the door heater wire to the electrical circuit. The door heater runs down the door frame on the same side as the junction box, under the sill plate and up the other side.
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