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Walk in Hinge Repair with PRC Repair
Walk In Hinge Replacement
Commercial refrigerator hinges and commercial freezer hinges are well designed and engineered and made from tough hi-grade stainless steel. Hinges do wear, and should be checked on a regular basis.

Failures occur at 2 places in the absence of an outside force: where your hinge connects to the wall and the pin joint that allows the hinge to open and close. In the first case, when caught in time, this usually involves tightening and perhaps alignment of a loose hinge. In the second case, you will need to replace your hinge or have a walk in repair professional do it for you. PRC Repair skilled repair technicians are ready to help.

A loose hinge left unchecked can cause wall panel damage, door damage and even difficulty keeping coolers and freezers at proper operating temperature.

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