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Walk In curtain replacement with PRC Repair

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Cooler curtain replacement
Cooler curtains or PVC curtains eventually wear out or can ice up and become damaged. Replacement is recommended as repair is difficult. To order a new cooler curtain or to have one installed call PRC Repair.

Cooler curtains provide an effective barrier between the refrigerated inside environment of a walk in refrigerator or freezer and the warmer outside air. This is important when restocking and eliminates the need to open and close the walk in door. Of course PVC curtains get a lot of use as employees move in and out of the walk in.

Damage can occur when:  Cooler curtains are tied back out of the way. Cooler curtains can become damaged as they are heavy and are not designed to be pulled horizontally out of the way. Icing is another cause of curtain failure. Icing occurs on a walk in freezer curtain when the door seal is leaking (some causes of icing will be discussed under “Door Repair”). If gone unnoticed or simply not addressed the icing of the PVC curtain can make it brittle and panels can chip or completely shear off requiring a cooler curtain replacement. Moisture is another cause of curtain failure. Moisture on a cooler PVC curtain signals you have a sealing problem with the walk in cooler door. Moisture won't freeze but it can wreak havoc on the cooler curtain channel and cause the curtain to not function properly.

Cooler curtains are an important addition to any walk in cooler or walk in freezer as they help maintain temperature, reduce energy consumption and ensure product is kept at proper temperatures.

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