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Cooler Flooring Repair
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Damaged walk in floors
Spongy or delaminating cooler flooring is a potential hazard. Eventurally the floor can fail. Don't replace the entire walk in because of a bad walk in freezer or cooler floor. With over 70 years experience PRC can replace that damaged or rotting floor with a brand new walk in floor.

Water is the culprit in most cooler and commercial freezer floor failures. Typically, a commercial cooler of freezer floor is cleaned with water and a degreaser. This almost always guarantees a floor failure. Not immediately but in the future. A walk in is designed for decades of use. When water is used on a walk in floor it will cut the usability of the floor considerably because water inevitably find its way inside the floor panels. Once this happens, especially in a walk in freezer that water will be frozen causing the floor to swell. This puts a strain on the panel itself as well as the connectors locking each separate floor panel together. As the cleaning process continues and water is once again used the floor can begin to delaminate, buckle feeling spongy or soft. At this point the walk in floor has lost its structural integrity. If this happens near a cooler or freezer these wall panels can become damaged. Early detection and repair is key.

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