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Walk In Door Repair with PRC Repair


Walk-in cooler or freezer door repair.

With over 70 years of experience in the commercial refrigerator and commercial freezer business PRC Repair can repair that damaged door. Here are a few pictures before & after the repairs. Of course, not all repairs are this extensive. Sometimes it's just a worn door gasket or door sweep. If you need a repair give us a call.

Damaged doors, door hinges, handles and a leaky door seal have telltale signs. For example, if the hinges are misaligned or damaged you might get a door that drags when opened. A damaged door handle will be obvious when the door simply won't latch closed causing the door not to make a seal.  Another telltale sign is icing up around the walk in freezer door or on the curtain or moisture buildup around a walk in cooler door or on the cooler curtain. Air is moving from outside the walk in to the inside. This can also be caused by a leaky door gasket. Further problems occur when these "symptoms" go unchecked. Doors can start to delaminate and other parts of the walk in can be damaged. Catching a problem early is key to minimizing expense and keeping your produce and meats at the correct storage temperatures.



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