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When it's time to repair your walk in cooler or walk in

freezer call the company with over 70 years experience....

PRC Repair since 1945.


Know when there is a needed repair to your walk-in cooler or freezer

Walk-in coolers and freezers are a critical part of any kitchen. Usually well built and able to withstand years of neglect there comes a time when a needed repair must be done to prevent additional repairs, eliminate food spoilage, reduce high energy costs and ensure a safe work environment for employees. Pacific Refrigerator Company has been in the business of building new, energy efficient walk-in coolers and freezers since 1945. During that time we have also made needed repairs to older units. Typically repairs are not caused by neglect but by a failure of a component. Repairs can be kept to a minimum if addressed as soon as they are recognized. Pacific Refrigerator Company has dedicated a portion of it's expertise to these repairs and is proud to announce, PRC Repair, a division of Pacific Refrigerator Company

Damaged doors, door hinges, a leaky door seal, icing, spongey floors and damaged walls are just a few of the common types of repairs a business owner should be aware of. All easy fixes technically speaking, for PRC Repair, and all fixes that will avoid additional problems in the future.

An example would be a door gaskets failure. While not dramatic and not always noticable it can be an energy waster and cause icing problems. We have a how to video on Youtube and can sell you the part at to replace a damaged or worn walk in door gasket. Try this simple test. Step inside your cooler or freezer and turn off all the lights inside the unit while leaving the lights on outside the walk-in. If you see any light coming through chances are you need a new gasket. Other problems could be at hand like a damaged hing or sagging door. Generally if this is the case your door bottom edge drags or grabs the floor at some point in its arc when opened. A professional from PRC Repair will identify the root cause of the problem that might be missed by an owner or his maintenance person not specifically trained in Commercial Walk-in Cooler or Freezer Repair

Door closure assists are a wear part, meaning that they will fail at some point, like any wear part. Replacing a properly functioning but worn out door closure takes just a few minutes and can be done by your in house maintenance person. Visit our site or call us at 760-956-1102 and we can do it for you.

Walk-In freezers have a heater in the door. If this item fails you will know pretty quick as your door may stick and may cause ice build up around the door frame. These items are best repaired by a trained professional. If you have this issue it's best to address it right away.

Icing up of the cooling unit or evaporator inside your walk in is another fairly common problem. It may cause other associated issues like leaking water inside your walkin. Generally the problem of an iced up evaporator is usually caused by excess dirt build up or product too close to the evaporator causing poor air flow. Regular maintenance and care not to crowed the evaporator will generally keep this common problem from occurring.

Water inside your unit is generally caused by an overflowing drain pan that has become clogged. Clearing the line of any foreign material generally resolves the problem. Water on the floor is not normal and should be easy to spot. Sometimes, however, pallets holding product can obstruct a clear view of this problem. Checking for water leaks with a good flashlight will generally expose this problem and it can be handled quickly. Products are available that can be added to the drain pan and help prevent build up in the drain line.

Giving your walk-in cooler or freezer a once over now and then will catch most of the problems we discussed in this article. Educating employees to be aware of an problems and to report them immediately is your best defense against a costly future repair. Regular maintenance of course will also catch these small problems before they become a costly.



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